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Club Pool Use Requirements

We have come across questions regarding the use of the Cloud Country Club Pool. This post provides key details.

Q: Can anyone use the pool in the area — is the pool “public?”

A: The CCC Pool is a private, for-members-only membership pool. Only paid members and their guests* are allowed to use the pool.

Q: Who is eligible for Club membership?

A: A Member shall be an individual, firm or company who is an owner of one or more lots located in

  • Cloud Country Estates Subdivision Units I and 2 (mandated membership),
  • Cloud Country West Units 1,2, and 3,
  • Waterfall,
  • Silver Springs,
  • Cloud Country Park,
  • Cloud Country North,
  • owner ofCloud 9 Townhouses located in Cloudcroft, New Mexico or
  • a lessee in Cloudcroft Lodge,

all located within Otero County, New Mexico. (§ Article 3, Sec. 2).

Q: Can any of my family members use the pool

A: First, a membership is only for the “owners” of the properties eligible for membership. This would include both spouses under one membership.

Second, only a members’ children under 21 years of age, full time students under the age of 23, and fully dependent parents or adults — all residing in the members’ household are individuals eligible to use the pool as members. Family members not falling under this definition may purchase their own Associate Membership.

Independent parents, aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins, grown children and their children not residing in the member household are not under the membership scope, but may purchase an Associate Membership.

Q: What is an Associate Membership?

A: An Associate Membership may be purchased by anyone related to a member, for half the price of membership. Associate members may use the pool without being accompanied by a member, but may not bring guests. Associate members are not suitable to accompany guests of a member

Q: Can I bring, invite guests to the pool?

A: Up to 2 guests, may use the pool under one membership* (not per person in the membership group); more guests may be allowed with the explicit written permission of a Club board director or the Cloud Country Property Technicians. Additionally, guests must be accompanied by the member at all times while in the pool area.

*With regards to guests, only two guests per membership, not per individual owner or individual family members, would be allowed as guests, unless written approval from the board or property tech — and only accompanied by a member. Whether there are one or four individuals under one membership, only two guests are allowed.

Q: May I assign my membership to another person, such as a family member, or renter?

A: Club Bylaws and Rules do not have a provision for such assignment, other than to note in the event of multiple owners, that a primary user of the membership may be assigned and registered with the Club secretary (§ Article 3, Sec. 2). Therefore, non-owners may not be designated as a member; this would include immediate family members and renters.

Q: How do I affirm my membership?

A: You are to be able to prove your membership if requested by either a pool administrator, or any member who inquires while you are at the pool. If you are not a member or a guerst of a member not accompanied by a member, you will be expected to leave immediately, or be subject to a violation of trespassing, that could include a citation from local law enforcement.

Q: What happens if I am a member but violate pool and membership rules?

A: Membership privileges shall be suspended from use of the pool for nonpayment of dues, fees, or for deliberate and or continuous violation of Club rules, regulations, or policies, or failure to properly identify oneself when using Club facilities or areas when so requested by a Club official or Club member.

Water Restrictions

Effective: June 1, 2024 – until further notice.

Hand watering and Drip Systems days for yards, flower beds, gardens, etc., will be limited to three times per week per home.

6:00 AM to 9:00 AM      And         6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

All owners are allowed hand held watering and drip systems on their scheduled days.


Even house numbers- Full Timers:  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Odd house numbers – Full Timers:  Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Week Enders & Part Timers: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday or no more than 3 days per week.


We are in drought cycle (less water available) and we need to stay under our water right limit.

Uncontrolled watering during the dry summer months, hampers our ability to maintain a safe level of treated water in our tanks.  This poses a firefighting problem and an increase expense to maintain a satisfactorily water level for normal home uses.

Penalties for violation:

  1. First incident: Warning of violation by letter.
  2. Further incidents with board approval: On time $200 fine
  3. In special cases, water main will be turned off and locked until owner demonstrates compliances.

Your cooperation is required and appreciated:

Earle Williams
Water Systems Administrator
Cloud Country Estates


Approved by:

Cloud Country Estates Board of Directors

Annual Member Meeting on July 6, 2024


Hello Neighbors, we are excited to see you all at the July 6, 2024 Annual Meeting at our Beautiful Barn. Just a reminder, the meeting begins at 9:00am.. There will be coffee and sweet breads for you to enjoy. This year we will be having Pickleball instruction by some wonderful guests. This will begin at 2:00pm at the courts. We will also have another Fishing Derby from 1:00 to 4:00. 

There will be a BBQ Chicken Dinner served with Beans and Potato Salad, meet us at 5:30 for fellowship and dinner served at 6:00. We could use your help with the following items. Please let us know if you can provide any of the following suggestions. Your reply is appreciation to Candace at candace3329@gmail or text 915-525-2055

See you at the Barn!

Paper Plates for #100  –  Ceci Ponce

Cutlery for #100

Plastic Cups and Coffee Cups for #100

Napkins – Libby Bulos

Dessert Plates and Forks for #100 

8:30am Sweet Breads or Donuts for Morning Meeting  –  Emi Gonzalez

8:30am Sweet Breads or Donuts for Morning Meeting  –  

1:00pm Iced Beverages for Fishing Derby – Kelly O’Leary

2:00pm Iced Beverages for Pickleball Instruction and Play – Emi Gonzalez

Dinner Items

Variety of Sodas

Ice # 5  10 lb bags 

Tea, Lemonade and Water  for dispenser  –   Candace O’Leary

Additional Appetizers, Entree or Side for BBQ Dinner:

  1. Tostadas  –  Ceci Ponce









  1. Dessert – Sharon Clavel
  2. Cookies – Libbby Bulos




Zoom Connectivity

Please note: There will likely NOT be Zoom, due to Internet connection equipment issues.

Thank you,

— CCE Board of Directors



PVT UPDATE Good Morning Neighbors, Just a reminder that PVT plans to begin the installation of Fiber in the community next week. Please contact Tabitha Davis with your questions at
She can answer your questions in detail. Jim Smith does have the CUSTOMER DROP PLACEMENT REPORT available in the office for your convivence. They will be on the table in the office, help yourself to one. This form lets the contractor know that they have permission from the homeowner to do construction required to install a fiber service drop to the home, no one will need to be home for this portion of the project. You will need to drop this form off at the PVT Office or email it to Tabitha Davis.


Update from PVT regarding Fiber Optics. Please contact Tabitha Davis with your questions.

I wanted to express my gratitude to you and the rest of the Board of Directors for adding PVT to the agenda for the meeting on Saturday. It was great to see everyone again. This morning, I received an update from the contractors regarding the construction work. They have postponed it to next week due to the snow we received on Friday. During the meeting on Saturday, we were asked to provide a few items. These include a digital flyer, social media graphic, customer form, and PVT Cloud County Address Audit. The customer form needs to be filled out for each address identified in the “PVT_Cloud Country Address_Audit” attachment. The form is required for the contractors to provide a service drop to each home. Just a reminder that there is no cost or obligation for service with completing this form. This form lets the contractor know that they have permission from the homeowner to do construction required to install a fiber service drop to the home, no one will need to be home for this portion of the project. At a later time PVT will contact each homeowner to schedule a date and time for services to be switched to Fiber and replace their equipment inside their home. Should members decide not to have a service drop installed at this time, PVT will be available to install at a later date but there might be delays and possibly additional costs to the homeowner. Do you know if the Board decided on the best way for PVT to receive the forms back? I recommend two options: either they can be emailed to or dropped off at the PVT office. We request that all forms be submitted by Friday, March 22. Let me know if you have any updates or questions. Thank you, Tabitha Davis Special Projects Coordinator Peñasco Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc. 4011 W. Main Artesia, NM 88210-9566



Office Email:

Customer Form

2023 CCE Water Report

We are pleased to present the 2023 Annual Water Quality Report (Consumer Confidence Report) as required by the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). This report is designed to provide details about where your water comes from, what it contains, and how it compares to standards set by regulatory agencies. This report is a snapshot of last year’s water quality. We are committed to providing you with information because informed customers are our best allies.

You may find the report here.

UPDATE: MONDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2022: SECOND water main break on Sugar Maple fixed, water restored

Following the repair on Sugar Maple, a SECOND leak on the street was discovered, by Mark McDonald’s residence. Again, service will be shut off on Sugar Maple for this repair.

UPDATE: Water was restored on Sugar Maple at approx. 2pm today.

UPDATE: Water on Sugar Maple is still off as the repair on the second break is taking more time to complete due to complexity and weather. The complexity is that part of the break encroaches on an owner’s lot where a car is parked; the owner is out of town and not at the property. A valve replacement component also failed during the repair on Saturday, November 19.

NOTE: The water shutoff valve on Sugar Maple appears to only partially shut off the water. Therefore residents on Sugar Maple may still have low-pressure water still servicing their homes.

New Website Registrations: Why it may take so long

Our new website was launched about five years ago and was redesigned last year. One thing that many owners have asked on Nextdoor is: Why does it take so long to get registered?

The simple answer is: it takes time to verify and activate a request. If your real estate agent doesn’t take the step to notify the board that a sale has occurred, then when we receive a request, it can involve time to verify the request, or require people and time to confirm ownership. And that requires volunteer time that may not occur for some time due to limited resources.

Another factor is that we need specific information in order to conduct the registration. Username. Address. Email. Password are all important to register an account. 

Another reason it takes long is because there have been efforts for hackers to get registered. Once this started, and with the contact info on pages such as the directory, we locked the website down and must follow this lengthier protocol.

We appreciate your patience and understanding on this — and look forward to seeing you!

Change in Fire Evacuation in Cloud Country Estates

In the October 2022 Board Meeting the board voted to close the secondary escape route previously designated at Wild Cherry due to safety concerns. The entrance poses risks due to deterioration and the steep decline, and there are no clear options of exit once one enters. In addition, the entrance will be formally closed by the board and a barrier placed to alert people to not enter unless to access their specific property.

This matter will be revisited in the future.

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