Cloud Country Club, Inc., is a non-profit corporation. Its facilities are primarily for the use of its members; however, some facilities are available to be rented out for a short period of time to members of the greater community. The Party Barn is available for Weddings, Wedding Receptions, Family Reunions, etc. Various areas near or around the pond are also available for a wedding setting. Fishing in the pond, swimming pool, and tennis courts are not available for members of outside groups renting the facilities. These areas are for the sole use of Cloud Country Club members only.

Rental Rates

Weekends (defined as Friday*, Saturday, and Sunday) $700/day, or $1,200 for two successive days
Weekdays (defined as Monday through Thursday) $700/day
There is a $300.00 non-refundable cleaning fee Add rental of the Gazebo and pond at a rate of $200 per day

*This allows for your set-up and preparation on Friday, your event on Saturday and departure by noon on Sunday. You have total access to the barn for the weekend. Many wedding guests use the barn for their rehearsal dinner and ceremony at no additional cost.


Guests at the barn have the option of providing food for their event in any manner that they would like. You are welcome to use any caterer that you wish. Caterers have full access to the kitchen to use as needed, which includes a stove/oven, and a couple of refrigerators. In an effort to help with the process of choosing, a list of caterers that have provided service is available.


Guests have two options for bar service:

  1. Bar service through a caterer or vendor that possesses a valid NM Liquor License. In this case, guests have the option of providing cash or open bar for their event.
  2. Stocking the bar with beverages to be purchase yourself and providing a bartender to serve. An event at the barn is considered a private event on private property in which alcohol can be served but not sold.
  • Leesee is responsible for acquiring liquor liability coverage and provide a Certificate of Insurance naming Cloud Country Club as an additional insured prior to your event
  • If Alcoholic beverages are going to be served or used on the premises, insurance coverage will be required as well as a statement of liability assuming full responsibility of said usage naming Cloud Country Club as being insured and furnishing a Certificate of Insurance to the Cloud Country Club.


The Lessee must agree to INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS Cloud Country Club against all liability, claims, suits, losses and/or legal fees caused by, arising out of, or resulting from any negligent act or omission during the term of this Lease of the Cloud Country Party Barn.

It is understood that while reasonable efforts are made by Lessor to have the barn as free of pests as possible, this is a barn in the forest, and guarantees cannot be made against all pests and wildlife.

The Party Barn is a NO SMOKING facility. The use of “open flames,” i.e., candles, etc., is prohibited, as they create a fire danger.


Persons or groups renting/using the facilities will ensure they are left in a clean and orderly manner.

There will be no removal of existing fixtures: lighting, fans, etc.

Trash must be placed in the dumpsters behind the Little Club House.

If you’re interested in renting the barn for your event, please contact us on this website for availability and details.

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