The Cloud Country Club Pool (outdoor) is available for use by all Cloud Country Club members. The pool and bathhouse were built in 2019, and the pool with a deep end of 5 feet. The pool is heated, salt water, and generally open from May – October, weather permitting.

The following rules and guidelines are to be followed in order to use the pool and bath house:

General Rules:

  1. The pool is open from 9AM – 8PM, closed on Tuesday for cleaning.
  2. Pool occupancy is 13.
  3. Please shower off before entering the pool, either with the outside shower area or in the bath house showers
  4. No one under 14 age is allowed to be in the pool without adult supervision
  5. Everyone is asked to sign in when entering the gated area of the pool
  6. Please keep the pool and surrounding area clean and free of debris
  7. Make sure the trash receptacle is secure after using it to assure critters do not access the trash and create a mess
  8. Additional rules are being drafted and will be made available once finalized

Families and individuals who are not Cloud Country Estates POA members but are eligible for Club membership and pool use should contact the Club to determine eligibility and Club fees.

Other Details

The Cloud Country Club pool is designated as a Class B “aquatic venue” means any public aquatic venue, located at, and operated to serve a facility having six or more living or guest units at:

7/18.11 B4(e) homeowners associations, if the pool is for the exclusive use of the association members and their guests only and no memberships are sold to outside persons.

7/18.12 H: Once the department determines that the application is complete, for class B aquatic venues, the department shall have up to 30 working days to issue the permit, issue the permit with conditions, or deny the permit application.

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