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Board of directors Nominating Process

Cloud Country Estates/ Cloud Country Club is governed by a board consisting of at least eight members. The board does important and exciting work- including strategic planning, making decisions to improve the community, financial oversight, input and direction of our fulltime property manager- all of which are geared to making CCE/CCC the best and most sought after residential area in the area.

Our board members have varied backgrounds and talents, but one thing they all share is a passion for Cloud Country. The result is a great collaboration by dedicated people making a meaningful impact on our community today and for the future.

Directors are elected to fill a two year term. There are five positions to fill this year. As we prepare for the 2020 cycle we are focused on attracting a broad range of men and women who are excited about helping our community. We are looking for owners who spend at least part of their time in the Estates as well as full time residents. The more our board reflects the makeup of our property owners the more effective it will be at charting the best course for Cloud Country.

Think about it. You could be one of our next board members!

Nominating Committee

In January of each year, the Nominating Committee is created. The committee consists of one board member and two or more members of the community.

Nominating Procedures

Soon after forming, the Nominating Committee begins seeking individuals with a demonstrated background of leadership and service to join the CCE/CCC Board of Directors. We ask for owners who are interested in serving to submit their applications to the Nominating Committee. Applications should include name, address, years that property has been owned in the estates and a short bio.

CCE Amended B/l 08/042016-1 states:

Nomination for election to the Board of Directors shall be made by one of the following:

2.1 The Nominating Committee

2.2 Notification to the nominating committee by April 15, by any member in good standing who wishes to serve on the Board.

2.3 Nomination from the floor by a member in good standing at the general meeting. The nominee shall also be a member in good standing to be accepted as a candidate.


Directors are elected at the annual meeting in July and take office at the following board meeting. In the event that there are more candidates nominated than positions available, there shall be a vote by the membership. The candidate receiving the most votes will fill the position.

Seeking candidates

If you are passionate about CCC/CCE and have an interest in serving your community please contact Tommie Edwards, tommie , Sharon Clavel, or Rebecca Casinger,

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