Month: February 2022

2/24 UPDATE: Water Leak in CCE

Good morning CCE residents, I am sending this post to inform you that I will be starting a water leak down test at 1:00pm to 3:00pm today. This will be a 2 hour test. All of Aspen loop will continue to have water during this test. The area marked in yellow on the posted map may experience a drop in pressure and/or be out of water for the 2 hours. Be advised that this is a short test and the water will be back on immediately after the test.

We are also asking ALL residents in Cloud County Estates, including the full-time residents to check around and under their homes for any signs of water leaks. We suspect that there are 1 or more homes that may be leaking. If you find or suspect any problems, please contact me at (575)921-7567. I thank you very much for your help, support and patience. 


2022 POA Dues Increase – Approved

The following table reflects the new dues starting March 2022. These increases were presented at the 2021 Annual Member Meeting on July 3, 2021. These increases are necessary due to the increased costs associated with maintaining the properties of Cloud Country Estates, and the shortfalls projected.

1 LOT 1.25 LOTS 1.5 LOTS 2 LOTS
$768.47 > $948.31 $830.97 > $1,022.06 $893.47 > $1,095.81 $1,018.47 > $1,243.31
$1,268.47 > $1,538.31 $1,518.47 > $1,833.31 $1,768.47 > $2,128.31 $2,018.47 > $2,423.31
1 LOT (no house) 2 LOT (no house) 3 LOT (no house)  
$350.00 > $413.00 $600.00 > $708.00 $850.00 > $1,003.00  

The Cloud Country Club Dues remain the same for 2022 but are expected to increase in 2023 by the Consumer Price Index of 2022.

Club Decision on Religious Installations

Due to the sensitive and legal nature of the matter, the Club board held a Special Meeting (Club Bylaws, ARTICLE V, Section 4), executive session on Saturday, January 29, 2022 via Zoom to discuss legal counsel advisement and explore legal, spiritual and financial impacts on religious sign installations on Club property. Upon concluding those discussions, as well as reviewing points made in the included white paper report, the board unanimously voted to rescind the installation of the cross on club grounds, and will not consider any religious installations in the future.

Link to White Paper

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